How to get a Bachelor in Endoscopy


  • STEP 1: Get an account (free of charge) on the Winners project and complete the theoretical tutorials and quizzes of the Bachelor in Endoscopy level.
  • STEP 2: Practical training and testing with online self-evaluation in an Academy Training & Testing Centre, during courses at the Academy or in other Academy Centres and during ESGE congresses or events for residents and inexperienced endoscopic surgeons.
  • STEP 3: Take the +he Academy Skills Certification at ESGE Diploma Centres (certified diploma centre) or at the annual ESGE congress. The certification session exists of a multiple choice theoretical exam TESTT1 and three practical exams. (LASTT, SUTT1, HYSTT1). The Bachelor Skills Certificate is seen as prerequisite to enter in a one-on-one training in the OR.
  • STEP 4: Get the diploma of Bachelor in Endoscopy. Diplomas are presented by the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE).
  • STEP 5: You have now completed the Bachelor in Endoscopy level. Proceed to the second level, the Minimal Invasive Gynaecological Surgeon (MIGS) level.


Entry criteria: Open an account and participate in The Winners Project. Once you have successfully completed the first level you will receive a Winners Certificate of Achievement. With that you can enter the +he academy bachelor level exam. The exam consists of four different tests:

If you pass the exam, you will receive an Academy bachelor certificate.


The bachelor level diplomas can be issued by the Academy accredited centres and the ESGE.

  • Observer 30 endoscopic interventions
  • 20 points CME CPD endoscopic congress