Hystt course

An endoscopic surgeon needs two different skill sets whereby both skills follow a different learning path. On the one hand, the surgeon needs surgical competences such as theoretical knowledge of anatomy, pathology, treatment options and surgical techniques. And on the other hand the surgeon needs laparoscoic psychomotor skills (LPS) such as correct camera handling, hand-eye coordination, and bimanual coordination. It has been demonstrated that implementing endoscopic surgery without training and validation of necessary specific skills leads to a decrease in surgical performance and an increase in patient morbidity and mortality.

The innovative approach of the Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment programme (GESEA) lies in the fact that it has defined the learning path outside the OR. It provides a validated credentialing system of the necessary skills prior to enter the clinical apprentice-tutor surgical training.

A big part of your training will thus take place before you set foot in the OR. Participate in the Winners Project and get online training. Or attend one (or more) of our courses and get practical training. Furthermore, in a few months you will also be able to watch surgical tutorials on this website.