It is a free of charge online theoretical assessment of your laparoscopic knowledge. This is the entry gate to the GESEA diploma programme, also referred to as Winners Project, and allows you to train your theoretical skills online.

  • CREATE a free account on WeBSurg in order to become a Winner. You can find instructions on how to do so here.
  • START with the Bachelor in Endoscopy Level.
  • WATCH videos, lectures or operative techniques and take the related quizz to assess your knowledge of each required topic. There is no time limit to view and take the quizz.
  • Upon approval of the quizz, you receive a Certificate of completion that still can be edited on your Winners Member account and should be presented to register for any certification exam in the ESGE Annual Congress or in an Academy training centre.
  • After completion you can train your practical skills. Register for one of our courses.


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